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EHS Policy


Calumet's Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy states that we will operate in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment. This responsibility extends through various levels of management. It requires strategic planning; goal setting; and the implementation of effective programs, procedures and training.




For more than 30 years, Calumet has implemented energy management and conservation efforts designed to reduce our energy consumption. We train and encourage our employees in their environmental education, health and safety responsibilities and promote awareness and accountability on these matters.


In our efforts to conserve our natural resources we use efficient lighting; programmable thermostats on heating and air conditioning units; installation of a sprinkler system that has rain delay in order to reduce water consumption used by our facility; landscaping service that recycles our grass and shrub clippings to be used as compost on our grounds; chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in a minimal manner because our intentional choice of landscaping is with plants that are disease resistant and native to our area.


Recycling Program


We purchase recycled corrugated boxes for our product packaging which are labeled with standard recycling codes. In addition, we participate in recycling all incoming corrugated packaging, aluminum and plastic containers. Re-use and repair of wood pallets for product transportation. Use of recycled plastic pallets to store inventory.


Safety Program


There were no lost time employee injuries at Calumet that were due to occupational injuries and illnesses in 2004. Our recordable incident rate for 2004 was 5.19% compared to the 2003 recordable incident rate of 4.67%. Calumet has maintained an incident rate that is at 50% below the national standard for meat processing companies at 11.9%.


We attribute Calumet's safety performance to several factors: the commitment of management/supervisory personnel, effective EHS leaderships, individual job training to perform work safely and an employee incentive program on a quarterly basis if there are no work related accidents.


We continue to concentrate our efforts on those areas of highest risk, such as ergonomics and equipment use.




Incorporating ergonomics early in the design of jobs, tools, equipment and facilities reduce the risk of injuries. We introduced a training program that provided plant personnel with the knowledge and tools they need to reduce ergonomic risk in the design phase of employee workstations and process equipment, and covers topics such as clearance, reach, posture, repetition, force, lifting, carrying and maintenance.




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