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Who We Are

Calumet Diversified Meats Inc. is a leading processor of pork products located in Southern Wisconsin with over 30 years of experience in the meat packing industry.  Calumet's management team of men and women are the key players in our fast-paced business. Their talent coupled with technology has generated a level of innovation that is unsurpassed in the meat industry.  From raw material to finished product, Calumet's production team is helping it's customers to create an eye-pleasing menu item to keep their customers returning again and again.

What We Do

Our one-of-a-kind, self-contained facility houses state-of-the-art technology, equipment and systems.  We have computerized weight control, order taking and the latest UPC scanning technology.  Our four AEW Automatic Portion Control systems can cut up to 720 portions per minute, at plus or minus ounce to size. Resulting in unparalleled product consistency and a level of productivity which cannot be achieved by conventional methods.

Here's Our Approach

At Calumet Diversified Meats Inc., growth never comes at the expense of quality or customer satisfaction.  What we strive to offer you, our customer, is consistent, reliable service and the highest quality pork products in the industry.  We are constantly exploring the market and developing new, innovative ways to improve relationships with our existing customers and encourage new customers to ask for Calumet products.  With the right balance of committed employees, new technology and the support of our valued customers, we've positioned ourselves to meet both the present and future needs of the marketplace.






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